Thursday, 2 July 2009

Baselining VoIP service quality

From CED

Simple changes to the installation procedure can provide significant returns.

The network and infrastructure are architected, the product is developed, load testing of the infrastructure is complete, the marketing campaign is underway and customers are signing up at a blistering pace. You want your triple-play installation to go smoothly and don’t want to send a technician to the house for installation issues that can be detected automatically. The ideal scenario is a self-installation by the customer. No one has to be home, there is no truck roll and costs are kept to a minimum.

Unfortunately, the technical competence of customers and the number of unsuccessful installations has kept the percentage of self-installations relatively small. Most carriers still send technicians for at least one triple-play service installation, and some are sending a technician for every new service turn-up. Truck roll costs vary from carrier to carrier but range up to $500. If a second truck must be rolled just to correct the initial installation, 10 months’ revenue from a $50 service is wasted.

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