Monday, 6 July 2009

GSIS did not address database crash, says IBM


MANILA, Philippines – IBM continues to assert that it is not at fault for the major database crashes experienced by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

In a statement, the company warned that the GSIS has “made it impossible” for both parties to resolve the issue more constructively.

IBM was responding to several announcements by the GSIS through paid print and TV advertisements , weeks after the government agency filed cases against IBM.

In June 3, GSIS charged IBM Philippines and its parent US company, and systems integrator Questronix for failure to fix the crashes of its Integrated Loans, Membership, Acquired Assets and Accounts Management System (ILMAAAMS).

GSIS alleged that IBM’s DB2 database software was the cause of the crashes, which started in April. IBM countersued with a libel case against GSIS.

IBM also warned that ILMAAAMS would continue to experience stability problems until it implements several suggestions made by Questronix in May.

Among these suggestions include backup and recovery procedures, system performance testing based on industry standards and employing certified personnel to regularly manage their systems.

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